So...what do you do???

Ok, this is the place on the website where we talk about what we offer.  If you're looking here and you haven't checked out our work yet, go back to the home page and galleries and take a peek.  If you love our work like the rest of our clients, come back and check out what we offer.

If you saw our work and said "Wow!  This is the place for me!"  then we'd love to have you!  A few things you should know:  our photos are not cookie cutter and not studio shots.   All of our portraits are done outdoors on location.  We prefer natural light and stay away from studio lighting and flash.   Natural light is the most complimentary and we want you to look fabulous!  We love going places that are out of the ordinary and insist on making your photos reflect your personality.  

You may have looked at our prices and noticed we don't charge as much as many professional photographers.  You might wonder how we are able to do this.  It's not because we aren't professionals.  We use the same professional equipment, software, and printing labs. However, we do not maintain a studio or commercial office space, we don't do any traditional advertising, and we don't have any employees.  This allows us to save a TON and we pass that savings on to you!

If you still have any questions, we'd love to chat with ya!  Please call or text us at 816.392.6897 or you can drop a line at  See ya soon!